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There are no words to fully describe how wonderful this group has been over the last year and a half.  These girls are dependable, trustworthy, and absolutely fantastic with our dog.  Not only do they walk my dog (Einstein) every day, but they have also done multiple overnights.  Being a nervous wreck about leaving him, I would receive multiple texts, pictures, etc. to update him while I was gone.  That is just the way this group is though - they go above and beyond the normal "dog walking" description.  I would absolutely recommend this group to anyone moving into the area! ​​Posted on Feb 29, 2016

Best Dog walkers in Cleveland
Best Dog walkers in Cleveland

I can't say enough about Cleveland Dog Walk. They are great people who I trust completely with my dog. They are caring, careful, and considerate. Nina is a pleasure to work with, I always feel confident that my pup is in the best hands when she or any other of the staff come in to walk her. They have always done a great job alerting me to any potential concerns and I know my dog is always very excited to see them walk through the door.​
 Posted on April  20, 2020


I  just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for our sweet boy Norman. You have been with us since he was 8 weeks old, and we could not imagine raising him without the help of Cleveland Dog Walk. I remember the day you guys came over to our condo in the warehouse district to meet Norman, and feeling immense relief and comfort knowing he would be in your hands. You have always taken such good care of him over the years and have been wonderful to work with. Norman loves you guys (and all his CDW friends - including Sam!) so much, and so do we. Our new dog walkers in Denver, whoever they are, have really really big shoes to fill.Posted on Aug 19, 2019

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I've been using your service for a little over a year now if I'm not mistaken, and I have to say that I am very satisfied with your service.  Thanks for all you do for Misha and for all the other animals under your care.  You provide a wonderful, no fuss service that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for someone to walk their dog.Thanks again!
Posted on Aug 14, 2019

Best Dog walkers in Cleveland

Maureen has not only taken our dog for fabulous fun in the sun, leaves, and snow but has been an invaluable resource for us as new dog owners. I know that when our pup is with her that he is in great hands- it always calms your heart when your dog gets just as excited to see her to go on his walk as he is to see you when you get home.
She and her team love your dog as much as you do- Perhaps the best example I have of this is when she carried our (then) 35 lb lab mix down 6 flights of stairs in the dark to take him on a walk when the power was out and the elevators were not working.With two busy jobs with sometimes chaotic long work days, we could NEVER EVER have done it without Maureen and Cleveland Dog Walk. Obviously I give her the highest recommendation ever- the only thing I worry about is what we will do if we ever move away from Cleveland!
Posted on Feb 23, 2014

Best Dog walkers in Cleveland


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Best Dog walkers in Cleveland


Cleveland Dog Walk is absolutely incredible, I highly recommend them! I started using them when my puppy was only 10 weeks old, and they have taken such good care of him since and have been a huge part of his life. Maureen and Josie are so compassionate and loving with my little guy and I am always confident that he is in the best hands. The staff is incredibly reliable, organized and professional and I could not imagine trusting anyone more with him! ​Posted on March 17, 2017​


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Maureen has been walking our dog for nearly a year and a half.  She's always dependable and very organized.  We've stopped taking our dog to doggie daycare because he is so happy with her walks.  Not only is she saving us money, but Maureen is making our dog happy.  Win, win! Posted on Jan 13, 2014


Cleveland Dog Walk is a CLE gem! Maureen is incredibly accommodating, reliable, and trustworthy. I feel so much better working long days knowing that my dog is being taken care of and getting exercise. She always accommodates my last minute requests and my dog seems to love them. I could not imagine a better service or more friendly people to work with. You can really tell that Maureen and her team truly care about dogs and love what they do! I would recommend Maureen to anyone!​ Posted on Oct 13, 2014​​​